#6 – Bits and Bobs



#6 – My Day Off

I've been working too much, so I took a day off. Not having time to shoot a roll of film is depressing, but I've recently started a night college course and a new band which is exciting, but this means I need to allocate time to make some photos and sometimes it takes a back… Continue reading #6 – My Day Off

#5 – The Big Smoke

hello. This week's post is a roll that I shot down in London. I shot the roll at 1600 ASA rather than 400, so subsequently over exposed a lot of the shots. This was also one of the first rolls I developed myself and I've done some of it wrong, but that's all part of… Continue reading #5 – The Big Smoke

#4 – Kentmere 400, an epiphany.

Hi there. So, lately I've been shooting black and white film - mainly because I can develop It myself at home. It's fun developing film. Also, I've finally found a darkroom for hire in Liverpool, so I'm looking forward to getting in there and printing these properly. These are a few from my home town,… Continue reading #4 – Kentmere 400, an epiphany.