#6 – My Day Off

I’ve been working too much, so I took a day off.

Not having time to shoot a roll of film is depressing, but I’ve recently started a night college course and a new band which is exciting, but this means I need to allocate time to make some photos and sometimes it takes a back seat.

I wanted to document my day off. I didn’t think of styles or themes, the project in my head was merely “document your day off work”.

It just so happened that I took a day off on one of the nicest days of the year, so I took the train Into Liverpool.


Stand Behind The Yellow LinePhoto04_4


A table for Two – I met a good friend for some food and a catch up. He had a burrito and I stole his chips. Ace.

This was too weird of a shot for me not to make a photograph of. I don’t even have a title for it, it just makes me laugh.Photo06_6



Dinner with ‘The Birds’ – I can’t go past the Liver Building without wanting to make a photo of it. Against that sky as well. great.Photo09_9

Lunchtime . – Everyone that could have their lunch outside was doing so on the day, I thought I’d try to make an image of these builders. Maybe I should’ve got tighter in on them? ah well. Next time.Photo10_10



Lover the colours in this one.Photo13_13

The Alleyway – Really love how this one turned out. Nice perspective and that.Photo14_14




Back to Newbo. Always some nice scenes down there. Photo18_18


Had a game of monopoly to finish the day off. It was brilliant. I won.Photo20_20


I’ve learned a lot from this roll, mainly to take more days off and document the little things.


Also, that there’s beauty in the mundane.



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