Welcome to One Roll Blog.

Paul. 25.

Intros over, let’s get into it.

I love to make photographs with 35mm film. Problem is, I find it hard to finish a roll of film with any kind of purpose or focus.


It starts with a walk by the sea, somewhere in the middle I go to the football, then towards the end I’m taking a stroll through a forest loving landscapes. Point being, I need to work towards a theme or project and the hope is that this blog will give me such focus.


I first got into 35mm photography when the bassist in the first band showed me his Lomo Diana F Mini whilst we were on tour. His name is Tom and he was a bigger influence on me than i realised at the time. He showed me art that I didn’t understand, introduced me to The Mighty Boosh and made me listen to Frank Zappa. He generally expanded my tiny, 16 year old mind.

A year later i saved up some cash and bought a Diana F for myself and boy, did i have some fun with that flimsy, plasticy camera. point. and. shoot. That’s all there was to it. I didn’t need to know ISO, aperture or shutter speed or have anything in the way of talent. I could just go out and have some fun.


I had been bitten by the photography bug.




Fast forward ten years or so.

I have 2 cameras, 1 digital. One 35mm film. Both point and shoot. I prefer the medium of 35mm film over digital. I like it’s limitations and it’s flaws. It’s the same reason as i like vinyl records. They are finite. They have a shelf life and i find that incredibly romantic.


Some people might like fully manual cameras, messing with settings and ‘chimping’ after every single shot to make sure the exposure is bang on, but i just like making photographs. I like auto. or P mode. Whatever you would care to call it. I like that there is technology available that means I can point my camera at my subject, hit the shutter and expose the scene without having to think about fucking shutter speed.

So, why ‘One Roll’ I hear you not asking. Well, to give myself some focus, as soon as I load a roll of film into my camera and hit the shutter button, I have to finish that roll on that subject or theme. Then, once it’s been to my local ASDA to be developed(because I’m skint), I’ll throw the whole roll up here and write some words about the experience.

Hopefully, I’ll get a few videos, reviews and general blog posts up also.


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